Ultimate Toddler Gift Guide 2018

Ho Ho Ho, it’s the most magical time of year, time to make our little ones dreams come true! Christmas can either be full of joy or full of stress, my goal is to make shopping for your toddler as easy and breezy as possible so you can sit back with a hot cocoa and enjoy watching your toddler through this magical season! I am a mother of a toddler myself and these are all things my little sweetie is obsessed with! ENJOY!!!!
  • Elf on the Shelf

If you don’t have Elf on the Shelf, you need it….ENOUGH SAID! This is 25 days of pure joy and excitement for your little one, it will become the whole families favorite tradition.

  • Grocery Cart

Here is a Melissa & Doug metal shopping cart that is very heavy duty and a Little Tikes plastic one, for people who want to keep their walls intact! My daughter is obsessed with grocery carts, if we go to the store it’s the first thing she beelines for and nearly the only thing she is interested in. If you want hours of entertainment then this is a MUST!

  • Grocery Food

Pick up a Market Grocery Playset to go with the cart, place the food around the house and make a game of finding all the food and placing them in the cart! So fun!!!!

  • Little Tikes Slide

It’s gross outside, this Little Tikes Slide brings some of the outside…inside, and what toddler doesn’t love a good slide?

  • Pots and Pans set

Have your toddler cook with you with the Melissa & Doug Pot and Pan Set; if you’re brave enough to endure the metal noise then this is a gem!

  • Melissa & Doug Cleaning set

Let’s get our kiddos started early on the cleaning front with the Melissa & Doug Lets Play House set, not to mention it will be their favorite new toy.

  • North Face Coat

Baby its cold outside, hook up your toddler with a quality coat! The North Face Baby Reversible Mossbud Swirl Hoodie is available in 7 colors for girls. The North Face Reversible Perrito Jacket for boys is absolutely to die for.

  • JellyCat Moose Stuffed Animal

Because every toddler needs more stuffed animals? But really, the Jellycat Moose and others are the very best!

  • KidKraft Toy Kitchen

This is at the top of my list for my toddler, why I love this… it will last for years to come! The KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen set is an Amazon exclusive and will fit any toddlers needs.

  • Fisher Price Think and Learn Rocktopus

The Fisher Price Rocktopus is the gift of the year for toddlers and is the coolest musical toy, you can’t go wrong!

  • SkipHop Backpack

OMG, these SkipHop Backpacks are darling and great for little boys and girls, time for them to start lugging around some of their own toys! There is a handful of different animals to choose from.

  • Strider Toddler bike

Training wheels are a thing of the past, this is it folks! The Strider 12 Toddler bike works for kids from 18 months to 5 years old!

  • Corolle Doll

These Corolle Dolls are classic baby dolls that have been around for years, it will quickly become your little ones favorite and they are made beautifully, so they last forever!

  • Babyboo Deluxe Doll Stroller

That sweet baby doll has got to get around too, turn your toddler into a little momma with the Babyboo Deluxe Doll Stroller, there is nothing cuter!

  • Smart Learning Home and Smart Car

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Home and Smart Car is on my Christmas list for my daughter this year! SO CUTE!!

  • Keet Roundy Kids Chair

Every little one loves their own chair. The Keet Roundy Rocking Chair is perfect for watching their butt back into the seat and sit. Guaranteed to melt your heart!

  • Best Choice 12 Volt Ride On Car

because DUH!!!! This is every toddlers dream! The Best Choice Jeep comes with a remote control for parents to keep their toddler in close control as well as 3 speeds, spring suspension and LED lighting.

  • Moluk Bilibo Blue

This little seat of sorts, grabs at children’s imaginations. Toddlers can play in it, on it, wear it as a hat, spin in it, stack it, fill it, or slide it around. Bilibo Blue is a toy that will entertain a child for hours at a time because of all the different things that can be done with it.

  • Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

Check out this roller coaster, how much fun would our kiddos have on this thing? This roller coaster is one of the hottest toys this year and is guaranteed to bring plenty of joy to any child’s day. Is it just me or are these toys getting much more creative this year?

  • Blast Zone Magic Jump Castle

Do you have space for a Blast Zone Magic Castle? If you do it’s a must, it can be used in a basement over the cold season and then go outside when it’s warm. Not to mention your kid’s birthday will be every child’s FAVORITE!