How to Select the Perfect Quality Diaper Bag?

Are you on the search for the perfect diaper bag before your new little bundle arrives? Or are you sick of going through cheap diaper bags so quickly? If the answer is yes then your in the right place. Before becoming a mom i loved finding beautiful purses to add to my collection. Now that I am a mom i love finding beautiful and practical diaper bags. I adore that they can be such a statement piece.

The problem with the selection of diaper bags available today is that the majority are very unfortunate looking. What i have found is most unsightly diaper bags have the most practical layouts and necessary accessories. Sadly, this is what is usually lacking in the more appealing diaper bags. But do not fret, i have found a nice little collection of stunning diaper bags that i have put to the test that will blow any ugly diaper bag out of the water! Move over plaid diaper bag, us mommies are ready for an upgrade!

How to select the perfect quality diaper bag? To select a perfect diaper bag first ensure the size is adequate for your needs. Next, determine if the material is of quality and can be cleaned. Then, be sure there is enough interior pockets for the babies items so they are easily accessible. Lastly, check that the bag is comfy and adjustable.  

For an in depth look at my favorite beautiful, quality made diaper bags, and why i chose them, keep on reading!

Honest Company Backpack in Cognac

The honest company backpack was my first diaper bag purchase. Several bags later and I still adore this bag. The main reason for my love affair with this bag is that it is gender neutral, meaning the men in our lives can easily wear this bag, and hey, it may even look better on them! My husband loves using this bag and receives multiple compliments while wearing it.

Honest Company Diaper Bag Features

  • 6 Interior pockets
  • One interior zipper pocket
  • 2 exterior zipper pockets, one large, one small
  • Quick access zipper on back of backpack to easily retrieve things like diapers
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comes with changing pad and storage bag
  • Easily wipes clean on interior and exterior
  • Gold Hardware
  • Grab and go top handle
  • Color options are Conac, black, champagne, and mulberry.

Advantages of the Honest Company Diaper Bag

  • This bag is the most comfortable of all the diaper bags i own, if comfort is your main priority when looking for a diaper bag, than this is your bag!
  • The Honest Company bag also provides excellent support, if you know your going to be packing a lot into your diaper bag frequently than this will provide you with the support you need to get through a full day of wearing this bag.
  • Gender neutral, out of all my diaper bags, this is the only one that my husband will comfortably wear…hence, he still wears the other ones when mommy asks him too 🙂
  • Extra large interior pocket that can easily fit changing pad, 10 diapers if needed and a full pack of Kirkland Signature baby wipes. It’s a challenge to find a bag with such a large separate pocket but is super handy for organizing your bag.
  • Zipper on back of bag to access diapers quickly. I only found this easy access on a few different diaper bags, its super handy for emergency diaper changes, meaning BLOWOUTS, you can quickly get those diapers and wipes with one hand while still managing the babe in the other.

Disadvantages of the Honest Company Diaper Bag

  • No exterior side pockets for water bottles. I have to say that i was a bit disappointed that this bag did not have this feature. It certainly is not convenient to have to store a toddler sippy cup and your water bottle inside the diaper bag, i typically want quick and easy access to water and this bag does not offer that.
  • No metal pegs on the bottom of the diaper bag. Without the metal pegs you may find over time a bit of wear and tear on the bag from the leather sitting directly on the ground, i recommend hanging the bag whenever possible. A little side note, i’ve had my bag for nearly two years and the bottom of the bag looks surprisingly pretty good, just something to consider.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a fantastic diaper bag for mom and dad alike. I do feel that with this bag the positives certainly outweigh the negatives. The truth is, finding a diaper bag that has every single feature you are looking for is near impossible. Each bag will have it’s pros and cons. The price of this diaper bag is $150.

Luli Bebe Backpack Diaper Bag

The Luli Bebe backpack is the newest addition to my diaper bag line up. My favorite part of this bag is that it truly makes a statement. It’s beautiful and i get compliments everywhere i go. I also really enjoy the fact that i’m supporting a small business. This bag is unique and something most mothers i’ve run into have never seen before, so i feel ahead of the game with this bag! If fashion is your focus than don’t forget to thank me in the comments, because you’ve just hit the JACKPOT! Grab your favorite pair of sunnies and a starbucks and everyone will be turning their heads at the statement you are making!

Luli Bebe Backpack Features

  • 4 interior pockets plus 1 zipper pouch.
  • 1 fairly large exterior pocket with zipper and button closure.
  • 2 extra large (32 ounce)exterior side beverage holders.
  • Adjustable straps
  • Gold hardware
  • Zipper holder for ease of opening.
  • Stroller straps and changing pad included.
  • Domed top
  • Gold base feet on bottom of bag
  • Colors are late, pastel pink, stone grey, pearl white, and ebony black
  • Grab and go top handle.
  • Strap for turning into crossbody bag/shoulder bag.

Advantages of Luli Bebe

I love the extra details of this diaper bag, it’s definitely the small things that count with this bag. This bag has a small piece of fabric near the zipper that you can grab onto so you can easily open the bag. I also love the quilted texture of the front pocket, it completes the look of the bag and makes it extra special.

The color options of this bag are beautiful, there is not a single one that i do not swoon over. Each shade is very versatile and not overstated which makes them very wearable on the daily.

The domed top of this diaper bag is something i have never seen in a diaper bag and provides a lot of benefit. The dome allows you a ton of extra space for really filling the bag up if needed. You will never have an issue fitting blankets, baby coats, mittens, nursing covers or any of the unexpected items that you may end up lugging around. With most other bags you would have to carry many of these items in your hands or leave them in your car, but not with luli bebe!

Lastly, this bag also comes in a petite size, it’s the exact same bag just on a smaller scale, which may be appealing to the more minimalistic parent.

Disadvantages of Luli Bebe

The Luli Bebe does not have a distinct pocket in the back for things like diapers, wipes, and a changing pad. This can be important when it comes to quickly retrieving these items, but it’s not a deal breaker. I am able to either place a few diapers in a side pocket or just put diapers and wipes near the top of the bag for easy access. If having the maximum amount of pockets for organization is important to you than this may be something to consider before purchasing this diaper bag.

The Luli Bebe regardless of what color you choose is pretty feminine. If a masculine male needs to take the diaper bag for the day then he may not be too thrilled to be rolling around town with this bag, a separate bag may be needed in this case.

Final Thoughts

This backpack is beautiful and very functional for daily use. If you are looking for style, lots of space, and comfort then this is your diaper bag! The Luli Bebe retails for $159 for the full size and $129 for the petite.

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag Backpack

The Freshly Picked diaper bag joined my collection of diaper bags when my daughter was 10 months old. This diaper bag is the biggest spluge of all my diaper bags, and i was not disappointed with my purchase. I would consider this diaper bag to be elegant and simple. Out of the three diaper bags i would say this one is the most well rounded, which should be expected considering the price tag.

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag Features

  • 5 interior pockets, one of which is for diapers, plus a zipper pouch.
  • Includes changing pad, and strap to make crossbody bag or purse.
  • Exterior side buttons to create larger interior space if unbuttoned.
  • One large exterior zipper pouch.
  • Top can easily be shut without zipping if in a rush because of magnetic closure.
  • 2 medium exterior side pockets ( standard water bottles and sippy cups will fit)
  • Large exterior pocket with button closure on the back of the bag
  • Adjustable straps
  • Gold hardware
  • Metal feet on bottom of bag
  • Grab and go top handle.
  • Current colors are burgundy, birch, ebony, butterscotch, stone, navy, and blush.

Advantages of the Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

Freshly Picked often come out with new colors which is nice if you are looking for something more unique than just the more standard colors.

The quality of this bag is top notch, if you plan to have one diaper bag make the long haul through toddlerhood than this is you bag. It’s simple to wipe clean and keep looking brand new, who wouldn’t love that!

Of all three of these bags i would say this one is the most well rounded, and covers majority of the bases.

Lastly, freshly picked has recently come out with a mini matching version of this diaper bag for your little tot. It does not get any cuter than having matching backpacks with your mini me. This feature gives freshly picked a bit of an edge that convinced me to purchase the diaper bag. I can’t wait to get my daughter the matching bag, it will make for some very instagram worthy photos!

The mini bags come in at $100 which is extremely pricey and will take some convincing, and possible back rubs to win over my husband! The mini bag currently comes in three shades, ebony, butterscotch, and stone.

Disadvantages of the Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

Out of all three bags sadly this one is the least comfortable. The straps are pretty thin and i believe they are a nylon material. I was unable to find details on what the straps were made of. The problem with these straps is if worn for long periods of time they can almost start to dig into your shoulders if your carrying a heavy load. For shorter trips where i’m carrying less it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Or if i’m wearing a sweater or thicker top i don’t notice the issue.

In summer months when wearing lighter materials you may notice some discomfort after wearing the bag for a few hours. This is certainly something to contemplate before purchasing. You may want to consider visiting your nearest retailer that carries this bag to test it out and see if it will be comfortable enough for you. If comfort is of utmost importance than i would consider either the Honest Company Bag or Luli Bebe.

Freshly Picked does not include stroller straps, if you want these than this bag may not be for you, and if your unsure i will say that i did not find myself using the stroller straps frequently at all with my other bags. I don’t feel like it’s a deal breaker to not have these straps included.

The exterior pocket on the back of the bag seems unnecessary, i have never used it because i knew i would feel whatever item was put in that pocket on my back when wearing it. So i don’t particularly love this feature. If you plan to wear this bag as a purse/ crossbody bag than this pocket could be useful, but majority of the time i found that i just wanted to wear this bag as a backpack, so the back pocket has never been used.

Final Thoughts

Freshly Picked did an amazing job creating a quality diaper bag that hits most things off my checklist. I will admit that finding a bag that hits every need is nearly impossible. If you want all the features then the aesthetics of the bag will suffer, or the bag will be beautiful and there may be a missing feature or two.

These three bags are as close to perfection as my research could find. I hope you’re able to make a more informed decision after hearing what i have to say, and that you ultimately end up in love with your diaper bag. If you have any further questions about these diaper bags feel free to comment down below!

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