What are the Best Gifts for a Newborn?

Are you struggling to decide what to get as a gift for an infant? If so, that’s completely understandable considering all they do is sleep, poop, cry, and eat. I have spent countless hours trying to find the best gift for the babies in my life. My goal was to find something they would use every day and their parents would appreciate and love while still being unique. This list has been a couple years in the making.

What are the Best Gifts for a Newborn? The best gift you can give a newborn is an item they can use each day. The gift should be something that can be appreciated by the parents as well as helpful in some way. 

Are you ready for the specifics? Enjoy this list of newborn gifts and let the stress of shopping for a newborn drift away!

Jellycat Stuffed Animals

Jellycats are my number one gift for newborns, these stuffed animals will become any infants very favorite! With so many different characters to choose from there is no doubt that you will find one to swoon over. Any parent will appreciate that their little one can soothe themselves by snuggling this delicious stuffed animal, rather than needing their parents for comfort. Jellycats are so cuddly soft and built to last through toddlerhood which is why it’s at the top of our list this year.

California Baby Newborn Gift Set

California Baby products are the best of the best. Discovering what products are going to work for a newborn can be a scary process because we’re unsure how they are going to react to different ingredients. With California Baby products you can rest assured that your baby will have a positive and calming experience. They are softly scented leaving your little one smelling of french lavender. This is a beautiful kit to test out these wonderful products.

Infantino 3-1 Grow With Me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

Play mats are excellent to have in those early years, this particular one is very stimulating to youngsters and has storage for balls to become a ball pit as they become a bit older. I love that this has an enclosure to keep them safe and can be helpful if you have pets that you want to keep away from your little one.

Vtech Baby Lil Critters Musical Glow Gym

I had to include a second plat mat, this one was our daughters favorite! The piano feature is useful straight out of the womb, kicking the piano keys is a blast for itty bitty babies, you can also work on tummy time on this mat. Infants will enjoy hitting the keys with their fingers when they are slightly older. It also grows with them and will still be entertaining into toddlerhood.

Tummy Time Mat

Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop and Play is a great gift to help promote tummy time, which is critical to practice during those early months for development. We love this particular mat because it gave our daughter items to play with while on her tummy so she was able to spend more time happily in the tummy position.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

The Rainforest Jumper is a top notch jumper, if you don’t believe me take a look at the insane reviews! This jumper allowed my husband and I to finally start having some hands free time to get things done around the house. This jumper will entertain any and all toddlers for a lengthy amount of time, leaving parents with no guilt because their little one will be having so much fun. This gift is intended for babies who can hold their heads up right around the four month mark.

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

This is another jumper with rave reviews  but is much easier to travel with and fits into most doorways. This jumper is an excellent value and a great pick for families that travel frequently.

Fisher- Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat

We took this sit me up floor seat everywhere with us! It is compact, comfy, and a blast for babies. At under 30 dollars it’s a steal, and will be any new parents favorite item for their little one.

Magnificent Baby Unisex Newborn Footie

Anything from Magnetic Me is a genius gift for new parents. There are no buttons, snaps, or clips involved, making diapers changes easier than ever. These clothing items use a magnet to close and takes less than half the time to dress your little one. We used the Magnificent Baby Footies as our daughters going home outfit from the hospital and it quickly became our very favorite, this is an incredible useful gift!

Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy Mom and Baby Healthcare and Grooming Gift Set

Fridababy products are EVERYTHING!! This gift set includes the Nose Frida which will eliminate the need for an aspirator because this product is a million times better, it includes nail clippers that will not pinch your babies fingers and work like a dream, the Windi which alleviates gas in an intriguing but effective way, and a momwasher for postpartum care that was my best friend post-delivery. This useful gift will be appreciated by any new parent guaranteed!

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

This product is beautifully made and transitions with your baby through toddlerhood. The hatch baby night light offers white noise and soft light that can all be controlled from the unit or your smartphone allowing your baby to have uninterrupted sleep if the sound or light needs to be adjusted. This night light also has a green light timer function for toddler hood which alerts your child when it is acceptable to get out of bed. We love this product!

Lucy Darling Little Animal Lover Memory Book

This memory book is the sweetest gift you could give, it is thoughtfully made and requires no crafting which takes the pressure off of the person creating this beautiful book, documenting those first years is so special to look back on. This is something parents and children will treasure for life!

Personalized Bedtime Story by I See Me

Books quickly become little one’s favorite things and this book is guaranteed to be any child’s favorite. This book by I See Me is personalized with their name throughout the book and creates the feeling that the book is made just for them. We love this unique gift.

Lulujo First Year Milesone Blanket and Card Set

This Milestone Blanket is a beautiful way to document and share babies monthly growth. These blankets have become all the rage over the last year and are a must have item for sharing milestones!

Zutano Newborn Cozie Fleece Bootie

Zutano booties are the best way to keep infants feet warm. The reason we love these is because they are very difficult to kick off. Most other booties and socks last five minutes on an infant, but not these!

Scratch Mittens

Goumikids Goumimitts, Scratch Free Baby Mittens are some of the only scratch mittens we could find that stayed on our newborns hands. They worked very effectively for the first few months that they were necessary, any new mother would be grateful to receive these!

Copper Pearl Bandana Bibs and Burp Cloths

Parents can never have too many bibs and burp cloths. Copper pearl makes high quality stylish bibs and burp cloths that can withstand going through the washer and dryer a million times and still look brand new. I love all the different prints available. This is one gift worth splurging on!

Binky Clips

H&L Pacifier Clips are a wonderful gift to give; they would work great as a stocking stuffer because of their small size. While running errands pacifier clips are key to have so pacifiers don’t find their way on the dirty ground.

Yoee Newborn Baby Toy

The Yoee Baby toy is perfect for babies as early as a few days old. This toy rattles, is a teether, crinkles, is a stuffed animal, and helps with sensory development. You can cover a lot of bases with this single toy. You can also use the tail to soothe if the baby becomes fussy.

Gund Baby Animated Flappy the Elephant Plush Toy

This animated stuffed elephant is just darling and your little one is guaranteed to have fun playing peekaboo with him. His ears automatically go down over his eyes to play peekaboo and it’s just adorable. If you have a little one in your life that needs a fun interactive toy this will do it!

Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Dream Receiving blanket

Barefoot Dreams makes the most luxurious blankets on the market, and these baby blankets are not the exception. They are entirely dreamy and so cuddly warm. Our daughter drags hers all over the house and we have trouble getting it away from her. If you’re looking to give a baby his or her favorite blanket as a gift than this is IT!

Aden and Anais Classic Swaddle Baby Blanket

Swaddle Blankets are a must have for newborns. These blankets are breathable which help to make sure your baby does not over heat through the night, they are also just the right size for swaddling and perfectly soft!

Happy Shopping! If you are interested in what to get that toddler in your life, take a peak at our 2018 Toddler Gift Guide