Living the Sick Life

Alright parents and soon to be parents, this is another one of those posts about what nobody tells you after having a baby…

I am a stay at home mom to my 16 month old baby, and even though we have purposefully kept her out of daycare to avoid all the sickies we have been sick about every other month since our little bundle has been born, so… what gives?????

Maybe it’s the twice as much grocery shopping we do since we had our baby, maybe it’s the added stress of having a baby that makes our immune systems weak, or maybe it’s the constant visitors we have that want to see the baby.

Whatever it may be, the truth is, you and your family are going to find yourself sick much more often than you ever expected, and there is nothing worse than seeing your baby sick.

If you want to prevent this from happening and discover some great tips to aid in baby illness then you’ve come to the right place.

How we try to avoid becoming sick:

  • Baby Hand Sanitizer!!!

Our favorite is by Honest Company, it is very mild, doesn’t smell like alcohol, and works great! We use this with Water Wipes on Everything! We spray down grocery carts, high chairs, tables, and anything our baby plans to touch that we know as parents is not clean!

  • Cart covers

There are a lot of options for cart covers, if you are nursing you can use many of your nursing covers for this, or you can get one specifically for carts like the Crocnfrog 2 in 1 cart cover. Even with using a cart cover I still will use sanitizer if there is any part of the cart visible that our baby could touch.

  • High chair covers

Ugh, high chairs at restaurants are so disgusting! Please use a cover to spare your little one from the sickies, it is bound to happen if you let them sit in these high chairs without covering or sanitizing. My favorite way to cover is with a Copper Pearl nursing cover.

  • Silicone Mat

Let’s not forget that our babies need a clean surface for snacks when out and about. Keeping a silicone mat in your diaper bag will save the day when your little one gets the munchies!

  • Babyganics Alcohol Free Wipes

Lets face it, babies work very hard to touch everything… usually the nastiest of things interest them the most. Having some gentle yet disinfecting wipes handy when on the go will help keep their fingers clean. Whatever our children touch will end up in their mouths, it’s inevitable… you may want to consider stocking up on these Babyganics Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes… you WILL need them!


Now…Drumroll please, how to get through the sickies when it inevitably happens


  • Barefoot Dreams Blanket

Do you want the truth? If one family member gets sick than more than likely you ALL will get sick! The upside of this is the possibility for some family snuggle time! You will need some awesome kid friendly movies and the best snuggle blanket around, you may just be too ill to do anything else! The Barefoot Dreams blanket will provide you with all the comfort you could ever wish for, trust me!

  • Warmies

Warmies can be used by the whole family, when you get the chills from having a fever you warm these up in the microwave and go straight to snuggle town! The bonus, these cute little stuffed animals may become your little ones best friend!

  • Nose Frida

A parent must have a Nose Frida for the boogies! This device works so much better than an aspirator and will save the day when your little one can’t breathe! When our babe is sick we use this before bed to help them breathe while laying down, she sleeps through the night if we use this, if not…. She ends up in mom and dads bed.

  • Baby Tylenol and Ibuprofen

Baby medicine is something we use very sparingly in our family, but on the occasion that our baby is miserable and we are unable to get her fever down we will use this. Typically we will switch between the two which works best for us, But as always, talk to your pediatrician for what to use, how often, and the correct dosage.

  • Bubble bath for soothing

Oilogic stuffy nose and cough vapor bath is wonderful for before bed. It’s all natural and uses eucalyptus oil to soothe. Your baby will breathe in the soothing vapors and will be breathing much better before bedtime. A bath in general is helpful for our little ones to relax during this rather stressful time.

  • Aquaphor

We use Aquaphor all day long under our baby’s nose, we are constantly wiping her nose while sick and want to avoid under her nose from becoming red, raw and irritated. This is a life saver and works wonderfully!


Well that about rounds it up, I hope you find this post useful for