How to Keep Socks On a Baby?

Oh lordy, when our daughter was an infant she HATED socks on her feet. She would do whatever she could to shake, grab, and pull at her socks. She would not stop until she successfully got them both off her feet.

During the warmer months it was no big deal when she took her socks off. Once the temperature dropped though she had to have socks on her feet. My husband and I were determined to figure out how to get our little monkey to keep her socks on.

How to Keep Socks On a Baby? When an infant needs their socks to be secured to their feet it’s essential to select an appropriate outfit that will cover the feet. Next, use a product that makes it very difficult for a baby to get their socks off. Or lastly, purchase socks that are designed to stay on the feet.

If you want to discover what to use to ensure that your babies socks stay on then keep on reading.

Product That Go Over Socks

Sock Ons are a nifty product that you put over babies regular socks. This product makes it very difficult for babies to pull off their socks. They come in a few different colors and come in sizes 0-6 months and 6-12 months.

Sock On’s have great reviews but they do have a couple downsides. Sock On’s are not to be worn with shoes. This is a bummer if you enjoy putting shoes on your kiddo from time to time. Also, not only do you have to purchase regular socks but also Sock On’s. I would rather just purchase one thing if possible to keep the cost down.

Baby Booties

Baby booties are a great alternative to socks. I recommend finding booties with a snap closure. The snap is what keeps the booties on your little ones feet. Babies can either wear the booties alone or if it’s super cold socks can be worn underneath.

These booties were by far our favorite. We recommended them to all of our friends and everyone we know became obsessed with them. The booties come in an array of different colors and come in sizes 3 months to 18 months. Once the little one is walking they can be used as slippers. I don’t recommend these booties for public outings if your little one will be running around. Shoes would be much more suitable.

Footed Jammies and Outfits

Another great way to ensure that your baby is not kicking off his or her socks is to put them in footed outfits. While our babies are little there is nothing cuter than rompers and jammies. Not to mention how much quicker it is to change a diaper if they are wearing a one piece outfit.

Before our daughter was walking she spent many of her days in footed outfits. We did so because we didn’t want to hassle with her constantly taking her socks off. It is not difficult to find baby footed outfits that have darling prints that don’t appear to be pajamas. This is why it was so easy to make the decision to put out daughter in these outfits during the day.

Here is a cute little girl outfit similar to one our daughter used to wear. Also, here is a little boy outfit. Lastly, I wanted to also include a very innovative product that every parent needs in their life. This product does not use buttons or snaps. It uses magnets to easily and quickly dress your little one. We used this product as our daughters going home outfit. It made frequent diaper changes super quick. Check it out here.


Okay, if you really just want to find the best socks for your little one versus a product other than socks, then look no further. With these socks you have hit the jackpot. They have an elastic gather around the ankle which keeps them on our babies feet much better than other brands.

The reviews really do speak for themselves. My only recommendation is to be sure to get the proper size for your little one. If the socks are too small the elastic could leave marks on your babies ankles and may not be comfortable. (robeez socks)