How to Baby Proof a Bathroom? Plus Top Essentials

If you have an infant or toddler then it is essential to have the bathrooms in the home child proofed. Babies and toddlers will want to be with you even in those moments where privacy used to be important (using the toilet). While getting ready for the day, and showering you will more than likely have a little guest watching your every move.

Each bathroom that a child or infant has access to will need to be baby proofed to ensure their safety. This article will serve as a guide to help put your mind at ease that the bathroom is a safe place for your kids to be.

I am also going to cover what essential items should be placed in the bathroom to make getting ready for the day, washing, going potty, and getting ready for bed as easy as possible for the little one in your life. 

If you want to learn how to baby proof the bathroom and get the bathroom ready for having a toddler than keep on reading!

Remove Accessible Items

Toilet Paper

Start with removing the toilet paper from its holder if it’s reachable for a baby or toddler. We place our toilet paper on the counter so that we can reach it if we need it, but our daughter is unable to get her hands on it.

The toilet paper could also be placed on a nearby shelf that is low enough for an adult to access but too high for a toddler to reach. Babies and toddlers can create a mess from hell with toilet paper in seconds, and it’s very wasteful, so find a new place for the toilet paper at an early stage.  

Toilet Paper Holder

You may also want to remove the holder from the wall as most young kids can remove the rod from the holder and put it in their mouths…gross! 


Tissue should be placed in a drawer or cabinet because it can create a mess very similar to toilet paper. If you used to place your tissue on the top of the toilet then it’s time to find a new home for it. 


Gone are the days of leaving the curling iron and hair dryer out on the counter. The cords on these hair appliances are easily grabbed by babies and toddlers and can cause a serious burn or injury from the weight of the item crashing down on their heads. If you have any items in a bathroom with a cord that is hanging within reach of an infant you MUST remove it and find a safe home for those items.

Choking Hazards 

If the counters are low enough for a baby or toddler to reach then its important to remove any choking hazards from the counter. Items like hair clips, tweezers, nail clippers, ear swabs, jewelry, etc should all be put in a safe place away from the young children. 

Child Proof Sharp Countertop Counters

Keep the infants and toddlers from getting a serious bump on their heads by putting these corner guards on any edges in the bathrooms in the home. Young kids will spend a ton of time in the bathroom so protect them from becoming injured by covering sharp corners. 

Child Lock Cabinets and Drawers

Bathroom cabinets and drawers often house dangerous items like medicine, hair products, makeup, cleaners, grooming tools, and many other items that could be very hazardous to your little bundle of joy. There is a simple solution to solve this problem. Use these cabinet locks and these drawer locks to keep babies and toddlers out of this area! This is our favorite way to baby proof our cabinets and drawers. 

Baby Proof the Toilet

The toilet, the grossest place in the home, and a babies favorite place to test their limits with their guardians. The thought of walking around the corner to find my daughter playing in the toilet repulses me. Not only could they have their hands in the toilet but any item babies and toddlers can get their hands on has the potential to end up swimming in the toilet…yuck! 

This is one problem that no parent wants to face which is why i recommend this toilet lock to solve this problem for good. The lock is  easy to install and even easier to use. I highly recommend a toilet lock for any parents with young kids. 

Baby/Child Proof the Bathtub

To ensure that bathtime is as enjoyable as possible for your wee one first start with putting a slip proof mat (like this one) down so your little one does not slip while playing in the bath. You could also opt for a more permanent solution like this anti slip coating that will coat the entire tub in an anti slip coating which may be better than a mat because it will cover more than just a partial area in the bathtub. 

Next, place a cover over the faucet where the little ones are bound to spend much of their bathtime splashing around. The faucet can be very scary during bath time and can cause a serious head injury. This is our favorite faucet cover that has saved us from multiple injuries!

Essential Items for Babies and Toddlers to be Used In the Bathroom

Bathtime Toys

Starting your infant in the bath with toys and making bath time a fun experience from the beginning is key to ensuring that your child will enjoy bath time as a baby and into toddlerhood. It’s important to make bathtime fun so that it’s something for you and your child to look forward to rather than dread.

Bath books like these are so much fun for bathtime and were and still are one of our daughters favorite bath toys.  This floating toy has been our daughters favorite since infancy. Lastly, these stacking cups are fantastic for play time in the bathtub and will entertain a baby and toddler for the entire length of their bath!


This bubble bath is sure to make bath time so much fun and it comes in many delicious scents. Every baby deserves to play with bubbles so pick this bubble bath up and have a ball!

Bathtime Toy Holder

Where do we put all those toys after bathtime? Don’t waste your time with a suction cup toy holder that never stays put or a mesh holder that eventually will mold. This freestanding toy holder is the perfect option to store all those toys after bath time! 

Rinser Cup

This rinser cup is amazing for rinsing the soap out of the baby or toddlers hair without the water getting in their eyes. It’s basic, cute, and works like a charm. It is a must have for any parent who wants to avoid a cry fit because water got in their eyes. 

Step Stool

A step stool is great to have for toddlers 18 months and up. We use our bathroom step stool so our daughter can get herself up to the sink to wash her hands, she also uses the step stool to get onto her potty seat on the big girl potty. 

A step stool is very useful at this stage for not just the bathroom but also to help in the kitchen with prepping food and mixing. Just be sure to watch your toddler with the step stool. Once they are given access they can put the stool wherever they want and gain access to things they’ve never had access to before.

This is the step stool that we have, and we love it, it has a sleek design, is very sturdy, and the steps are a bit wider than normal making falls less likely. 


Kids love bathrobes, i think it must be because it feels like a costume and is super snuggly. We have found that getting our daughter out of the bathtub can be a real challenge (because she’s such a little water dog) and can sometimes result in a world is over tantrum, but we have discovered the solution.

Our daughter is so in love with her robe that all we have to do is inform her that bath time is over and, it’s robe time, and she’s practically jumping out of the tub for her robe. I suggest selecting a robe with a fun character on it so they are super excited to put it on, like this one!


Towels similar to the bathrobe should be fun for kids to put on. I have yet to come across and infant or toddler who enjoys the process of being dried off. I suggest making the process as fun as possible by having a few adorable towels, like this one to make them excited about getting toweled off. 

Washcloth Mitt

Make sudsing up a blast with this animal washcloth mitt! The mitt can be used to do storytime in the bath and make washing up so much more fun than using a boring washcloth. Majority of kids do not particularly enjoy being washed up, but this mitt makes it much for fun for the little tots!


Are you considering starting to potty train? If so, it’s time to consider what potty seat to get for your toddler. Originally we thought our daughter would like her own stand alone potty but we were wrong. She like most other kids wanted to use the big girl potty like mom and dad.

 I recommend getting a potty seat to go onto the normal toilet. I suggest this potty seat, because unlike many competitors it has handles on it, which make climbing up the step ladder to get onto the potty much easier. She is able to grab these handles while climbing up and get herself turned around and scooted back on the seat with ease. It is also a simple clean design that can be dressed up with stickers if need be to get the toddler excited about sitting on the potty seat.


Brushing teeth can be the worst part of the day for many parents. I know our daughter resisted having her teeth brushed to the point that we had to pin her down for months to get the job done. One helpful tool that makes brushing teeth a bit more fun is this gentle vibrating toothbrush. Our daughter thinks her toothbrush is a toy and gets excited about brushing her teeth. The toothbrush also has a light which makes checking for new teeth and ensuring that the teeth are clean much easier for us parents. The toothbrush also has these replacement heads so the entire toothbrush does not need to be replaced constantly. 

Shampoo and Conditioner

This is our favorite tear free shampoo and conditioner. It is gentle but gets the job done right. All of the scents smell like heaven… and not in that fake strawberry smell type of way, it smells real which I love. The scent is not overpowering, it’s just the right amount of delicious!

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