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How to Select the Perfect Quality Diaper Bag?

Are you on the search for the perfect diaper bag before your new little bundle arrives? Or are you sick of going through cheap diaper bags so quickly? If the answer is yes then your in the right place. Before becoming a mom i loved finding beautiful purses to add to my collection. Now that I am a mom i…

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How to Easily Entertain a Toddler While Working Out

Making working out the priority when a toddler is running around the house can be a true challenge. I have certainly had days where I skip my workout because of the work involved with keeping up with our toddler while I’m trying to exercise. Happily, I can now say that I have found a method that makes it easy to…

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Self Care for Mommies During Naptime

Self-care during nap time Okay, I had to write this article, I know I cannot possibly be the only stay at home mom (SAHM) who spends almost all her “alone time” cleaning the house or writing a grocery list. I often find myself in a rut during my 17 month old daughters naps when I’m desperate for some me time,…

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