Best Toddler Clothes On Amazon

Shopping for toddlers can be a true challenge, especially if you are like me and want to find great deals on clothing that is still high quality. I also prefer to shop online as it’s much easier to shop online than dragging my two year old through a store. I am going to cover which brands you can trust when it comes to shopping for your toddler on Amazon as well as some of my favorite items i have picked up for my toddler that have been long lasting and a great value. 

The best toddler clothing on Amazon should be at a terrific price point, high quality, and should have many positive reviews to back it up. Each item should also be offered on Amazon prime with free shipping and free returns. 

Continue reading to discover the secret on how to shop in the comfort of your home, while scoring a great deal, and finding quality pieces for your toddler.

Before we get into specifics, never just purchase toddler clothing on amazon because it looks cute. Majority of the time if you have not done your research you will be sent something that does not even look like the item you ordered.

Rules to Follow

  1. Check the reviews: positive reviews are key when deciding to purchase clothing on amazon and make sure there are at least 50- 100 reviews. Many items may only have a few reviews and if those few reviews are positive I would pass on the item, there is just not enough reviews for a buyer to be confident that the item is of good quality. 
  2. Check the Size Chart: Amazon carries so many different brands and everything fits very differently. The size chart can be a valuable tool to ensure you have selected the correct size.
  3. Order multiples: Order a couple different sizes to find the best fit if you are unsure of the fit. ( just be sure you have free returns before doing so.)
  4. Free Shipping and free returns: Make sure all clothing items are free shipping and returns, this is key in case the clothing items do not work out. Returns with amazon are generally very simple. I do not even package the item up. The location I return my items to will package it up, put the label on and send it away, all I have to do is drop it off. 

Top Brands That Can Be Found on Amazon

Below is a list of the top brands I recommend for shopping for your toddler. Each brand is a great value, good quality, and many reviews to back up the clothing.

Simple Joys by Carters

Carters is a huge name that many families adore, simple joys is no different. Simple Joys has sizing from newborn through childhood. Here are some of my favorite items by Simple Joys. 

Burts Bees

Who would have thought that this little company would have such fantastic clothing. My favorite clothing pieces from Burts Bees would definitely have to be their fantastic pajamas. They also have great basics for babies. Here are some of my favorites for girls and boys!

Hope and Henry

Hope and Henry is great for babies and toddlers alike. Majority of their items are simple prints and made beautifully to go with the majority of any kiddos wardrobe. These are some of my top items for girls and boys


Gerber is suited more towards infants and is a household name that has been around for years. The reviews are great, the prints are darling, and the price is always right! Gerber does a fantastic bodysuit as well as our favorite training underwear

Touched by Nature

This brand has beautiful sets for babies and toddlers. The prints are minimal and not too busy and the price point is fabulous. You cannot go wrong with their products. Here are some dresses my daughter loves, as well as some great choices for little boys

Younger Tree

Younger Tree has lots of fun prints and unique romper type outfits. We have found our favorite sweat suits in the cutest patterns from this company, they are comfy and great quality. Check out this little girl outfit, and this little boy jacket as some examples of great items to pick up. 

Spotted Zebra

This brand has lots of basics like T- shirt sets, pants sets, sweatshirts, swimsuits, underwear, and socks. Most items have fun prints and are excellent quality. If your unsure about this brand just check out all the reviews, they are excellent! Here is one of our favorite items from this brand.


OK girl has some trendy items for little girls and boys. We have purchased a handful of items from this brand and have enjoyed each piece we have purchased. We especially love the sweatsuits! Is this not absolutely darling?


Ohh my, the sleepwear this brand puts out is just to die for, and so comfy! These pajamas are a great value and come in a ton of sweet prints. You will never have to think again about where to get your baby or toddlers sleepwear again. Check them out here


Shopping for holiday clothes for kids is so much fun, but can also be a true challenge, and not to mention pricey! I find that either holiday specific clothes are astronomically priced, ugly, or just fall apart after a single washing. Mudpie is your solution. If you are looking for an outfit for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, or any holiday MudPie has you covered. They create the cutest holiday clothes I have ever seen. They also have some of our favorite swimwear for the summertime. Everyone will be asking you where you got your little one’s outfit, guaranteed! Here are some of the mud pie outfits we have purchased and have adored! Our daughter wore this for Christmas and this dress for Thanksgiving this past year.

Ruffle Butts/Rugged Butts

Never search for swimwear again, this is a one stop shop for all your kiddos swimwear needs. Ruffle Butts is geared for girls and Rugged Butts is for boys. These swimsuits are top notch quality, the cutest in all the land, and can arrive at your doorstep in two days! Ahhh, we love this brand! Here is our daughter in a couple of their swimsuits and all of them we recommend! Ruffle and Rugged butts also make great fashionable clothing, the price point may be a bit higher than some of the other brands listed but totally worth it in my book! Take a look at this little girl and little boy swimsuit!

We love our Rufflebutts swimwear. Our daughter lives in hers all summer long!


Avidqueen has lots of very trendy outfits, if that is what you are looking for. Hence the name, this brand is more geared for little girls. The price point is right and overall most reviews are pretty decent. They are certainly worth a look if you want to have the most stylish chicky in the town. Here is a cute little outfit!


That about sums up the top trusted brands for toddler clothing on Amazon. I hope you found this guide helpful, and that you are now able to rest assured that the next time you shop for your little one on Amazon you are getting them something that is quality, fashionable, and of great value!