Bath Time for Toddlers with Eczema and Sensitive Skin

Bath Time

My daughter’s favorite time of the day is bath time, if the word bath is used in our house our 17 month old begins repeatedly yelling BATH, and crawls straight up our stairs and tries to get into the bath on her own. Bathing a small infant is fun and sweet but once we were able to dodge the baby bath and begin taking baths in “the big girl bath” the real fun began! We have been blessed with a water baby and have therefore purchased every bath toy and gadget you can imagine to give her the most enjoyable bath experience possible! Our daughter has also suffered with eczema since she was born; we’ve had to do a lot of research in order to find bath products that would not flare up her eczema. All the products I will be mentioning have aided in relieving her eczema, if you are looking for products for your wee one with sensitive skin then you’ve come to the right place!

Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover

Transitioning your little one into the full size bath requires a little preparation.  I highly recommend a spout cover because your little one will now have room to move around in the bath and accidents are inevitable, this will protect their little heads from the metal faucet! We opted for the Skip Hop Moby cover and it has worked wonderfully!

Gorilla grip tub mat

Bathtubs are typically very slippery so I recommend the Gorilla Grip tub mat to prevent any nasty spills while your little one is in the tub. If you don’t have some sort of mat for your bath tub I recommend continuing to use your infant bath until you get one, bath time can become a very scary situation without one.

Skip Hop Moby Scoop and Splash Bath Toy Organizer

Without a doubt you will have bath toys littered all over your child’s bathtub. We use the Moby Scoop and Splash Bath Organizer to teach our daughter to scoop (clean) up all her toys and stick it to the wall before getting out of the bath! It’s a fun way to teach your little ones to start cleaning up after themselves and it suits our needs perfectly!

Skip Hop Moby Bath Tear-Free Waterfall Rinser Bath Cup

Keep the water out of your toddler’s eyes while rinsing the soap out of their hair. This waterfall rinser works effortlessly and saves us a lot of tears. This little gadget is a must have item for bath time, if you don’t believe me just check out the reviews, they speak for themselves!

Growsland Baby Bath Books

What child doesn’t enjoy reading books? Bath books are the greatest invention EVER! Give your youngster a book to read and they will be occupied the entire time you are scrubbing every nook and cranny of their cute little bodies! This is our very favorite bath toy!

Skip Hop Zoo Bath Stack and Pour Bucket Rinse Cups

Skip Hop has done it again with the stack and pour buckets, who would have thought something so simple could provide such joy to our kiddos. We like these because they are a breeze to clean up and they help to build motor skills!

Boon Building Bath Pipes

These leaky pipes are so cute! You can attach them to create a long pipe or create short ones, each pipe suctions to the tub so the water can drain out seamlessly. Your kiddo will have a blast playing with these!

Terrycloth Animal Puppet Bath Mitt Washcloths

Washcloths are great… but these puppet mitt washcloths take the cake, these puppets make washing up a blast for parents and kiddos alike!

Alaffia Everyday Shea Bubble Bath

Every child must experience the joy of playing with bubbles in the bath! My family struggled to find a product that we trusted not to irritate our child’s eczema prone skin until we found this Shea Bubble Bath. It is very gentle and moisturizing and leaves out things like parabens, sulfates and dyes.

California Baby Eczema Shampoo and Body Wash

This shampoo and body wash is for extra sensitive little ones, we used this with our daughter until she was one and it was very calming and gentle. I believe this product really improved her eczema and it made it possible for us to bathe her more often due to her skin not becoming dried out. California baby products are hands down our favorite products for eczema prone skin, don’t forget to pair it with their Eczema Cream, the two products work seamlessly together!

Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash

This orange vanilla shampoo and body wash smells like a creamsicle and is still extremely gentle for sensitive skin. We had a difficult time finding scented products that didn’t irritate our little ones skin, until we found this product. My husband and I are obsessed with this product, and the scent lingers on our daughters skin all day, we literally want to eat her! This product is a must have!

Honest Company Detangler

Orange vanilla detangler… yes please! I use this after bath time and after nap time when our daughters hair becomes matted down, this freshens her locks right up without causing a greasy mess, and once again she smells EDIBLE!

Honest Company Orange Vanilla Lotion and Aquaphor

After bath time the first thing we do is lather our little one up in lotion. My trick to combating her Eczema is to mix aquaphor and a gentle lotion together and then apply.  Aquaphor on its own works wonders for sensitive skin but on its own is a sticky mess, if you mix it with a gentle lotion it becomes much less sticky and gets the job done beautifully, this way we don’t have to wait around for three hours for the aquaphor to soak into the skin before getting her dressed!

Extra Soft Bamboo Hooded Bathrobe

If you don’t plan on getting your little one dressed right away then put them in one of these Bamboo Robes, first of all they are darling, second of all they are so snuggly soft, and lastly… well, that’s it, no further description needed!

Wet Brush

These hair brushes are wonderful, they come in several different colors and my daughter and I have matching ones, each time I brush my hair she proceeds to find hers and we brush our hair together, its ADORABLE, these hair brushes are also very gentle on the hair which makes the whole process more enjoyable!

Organic Bamboo Hooded Towel

These towels work for boys and girls alike and they are so plush, beautifully made, and will last you forever…literally, these towels go as far as to have a lifetime guarantee, which makes for an easy add to cart decision!

Happy Bath Time, I hope this guide is helpful with making bath time the most enjoyable experience possible!